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2016 Race Day is August 13

The Ed Anacker Bridger Ridge Run is one of the most technical trail runs in the United States. In 2012, Runner’s World Magazine named the Ridge Run one of its top 31 trail races in the country, giving it the title of “Most Raw Exposure.” In 2013, Outside Online named the Ridge Run one of its Top 10 Bucket List trail runs in the WORLD. The Ridge Run is 19.65 miles of brutal climbing and descending, complete with unstable footing, unpredictable weather, and, of course, miles of exposure along the ridge line of the Bridger Mountain range. Think you have what it takes to be one of the 250 runners allowed in each year? Then read on for all the information you need to know.

The Ridge – a film celebrating 30 years

August 2014, for the 30th time, a diverse group of runners tested themselves over 20 miles on the exposed spine of the Bridger Mountains outside of Bozeman, Montana. This beautiful short film follows ten of those runners and all the drama, misery, courage and heart that unfolds along the way.

Film by Eric Bendick/Grizzly Creek Films

Part One

Part Two


Training advices and recommended equipment choices by Kyle Klickir

Training for The Ridge by Chris McCarthy

Lots of good read about Bridger Ridge Run. Training tips and advices from experience runners. Shoe and apparel choices and reviews, hydration and fuel recommendations.

The Ridge Run

The Ridge Run



  1. […] Memory is a fickle beast, and I can’t remember if this was my first hike here in Bozeman, but I think it may have been, either way an optimal choice it is. From atop this peak is the perfect perch for a panorama of the Crazies to the east, the Absaroka’s to the southeast, the Gallatin range to the south, and even the Tobacco Roots tucked away to the southwest. After you catch your breath, perhaps you dare walk the ridge down into town, or jog it. […]

  2. […] will take on the Wasatch 100 on September 11-12.  Additionally, David had run (in fact, won) the Bridger Ridge Run the previous Saturday, and was recovering slowly.  We agreed that anything between eight and […]

  3. […] “M” near downtown Bozeman. More information can be found on the Big Sky Winder Drinkers page (http://winddrinkers.org/ridge-run/) Also, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the run, last year a couple awesome local filmmakers […]

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