Big Sky Wind Drinkers Race Series


April – September

SIGNUP (Closed for 2019)

Welcome to the second annual (2019) Big Sky Wind Drinkers Grand Prix!


Due to COVID-19, many of the races that would comprise the Grand Prix series for 2020 are likely to be cancelled. For this reason, there will NOT be a Grand Prix series. We hope to resume the series in 2021!


The summer of 2019 was full of fun runs, and for those who tended to participate in a lot of them, we offered the opportunity to compete in our second annual Grand Prix series.

By running any series event, participants earned points for every top-10 finish in his/her age group, competing against only other Grand Prix runners for points.

Participants didn’t have to run every race to qualify,  Scores have now been calculated by the club.

Note that two Wind Drinkers fun runs in July and August scored five participation points for every Grand Prix entrant, while we scored the Lindley Park run competitively (that is, like the other races in the Series).

We will shortly be addressing the prizes for our Series winners!

(As of March 29, 2020, we are not expecting to hold the Grand Prix series in 2020.  At present, we do not have a volunteer to take on the planning or scoring duties for the series, and the coronavirus situation has put at least the first half of the running season for the series in jeopardy.  As the COVID-19 situation progresses, we will re-evaluate)


Runners score ten points for a first-place finish, competing against only runners in your own age/gender group, and only against other Grand Prix participants.  So while you may come in fifteenth overall and third in your age group at a particular race, you may end up with ten points in the Grand Prix. Second place will be worth nine points, and so on down to 9th through infinity–all remaining runners will receive two points each.

We’ll also keep track of an overall men’s and women’s category, just for fun–all runners’ results will be tabulated in the overall standings, without regard to age.