The Big Sky Wind Drinkers is a registered 501c3 nonprofit charitable organization.
As a charitable organization, we give back not only to our members but also to our larger community.
Below is a list of organizations that we have donated to in the past:

Donation Request

Since 1973, the initial founders began the club “in the interest of promoting physical fitness through running/jogging and competition.” The club remains committed to its initial reasons for inception. Thus, BSWD considers requests that support the pursuit of running and physical fitness, as well as community efforts that are dedicated to these end goals.

In the past, the club has supported the Gallatin Valley Land Trust, the Montana Senior Olympics, the Bozeman Track Club, and a number of other beneficiaries.

Due to an increase in requests for funding and a desire to maintain a fair process, the BSWD now will evaluate all proposals simultaneously on a quarterly basis.

Please download, fill in and e-mail this request to with the subject line “Donation Application”.


This request for funding does not replace our scholarship application!

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